20 Years of Experience in the Business Specialize in Water, Fire, and Flood Damage

3D2 Know is one of the top damage repair companies. They specialize in water damage repairs, flood damage repairs, and fire damage repairs. They have been in the business of repairing and restoring homes and offices for over 20 years and have successfully repaired hundreds of buildings. There is no damage that these guys cannot handle.


Water Damage Repairs

3D2 Know handles any repairs and restorations required for water damage. Whether it is damage caused by pipe leaks or a flood, these guys can fix it. Their main services for water damage repair include:

• Contents inventory and damage assessment
• Water extraction
• Dry out and clean-up
• Foundation and roof leakage repair

They repair and restore all systems and surfaces that were damaged. They ensure that any weakened areas are repaired and reinforced to prevent further danger.

Fire Damage Repairs

Fire damage is one of the worst situations 3D2 Know has to handle. Fire burns through many materials and creates smoke and soot that cause their own types of damage. When the fires are extinguished, firemen use water that adds to the damage. This makes fire damage more extensive than other disasters. Their main services for fire damage repair include:

• Contents inventory and damage assessment
• Water extraction and drying
• Smoke and soot removal
• Cleaning and repair
• Restoration

Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs of this type of damage can take days or weeks. Sometimes the families will need to find a place to stay while these repairs are done.

Flood Damage Repair

Floods can be extremely destructive if they happen suddenly and aggressively. Many floods happen due to heavy rainfall and cannot be predicted. Floods caused by storms like hurricanes or tsunamis may be foreseen, but the warning doesn’t necessarily reduce the damage it causes. Flooding causes water damage, the potential for mold, and can even cause structural damage. Their main services for flood damage repair include:

• Contents inventory and damage assessment
• Water extraction and drying
• Structural analysis and repair
• Systems analysis and repair
• Cleaning and repair
• Restoration

Why Use 3D2 Know for Your Damage Repairs?

The 3D2 Know teams are fast to react to emergency call outs. They are experts at damage repairs and all the other little things that go with it. They are recommended by all their previous clients who have been extremely happy with their service and results. Many insurance companies recommend 3D2 Know for repairs and restorations after natural disasters.

3D2 Know is also highly respected among their competitors and peers and has received the award for best damage repair company 3 years in a row.

Why do you need to hire professionals?

With minor damage, most people will try and repair things themselves. This is all good and well unless there is damage that you cannot see. Even if the damage seems minimal after a flood, leak, or fire, call out professionals to do an assessment and make sure everything is safe. Floods and fires are prone to cause structural and electrical damage. To ensure your safety, have a professional assessment done.

With extensive damage, don’t hesitate to call 3D2 Know immediately to send out a team to assess and repair your home or office.