Fire Damage

Fire is a destructive force that can cause loss of property and severe damage in a split second. Fire can be caused by several things in and around the house or workplace. 3D2 Know offers assistance and repairs for fire damage in both residential and commercial properties. Fire can be very dangerous and you should always be very careful when using any electrical appliances, cooking appliances, flammable liquids, and other fire starting equipment.

What is fire damage?

Fires cause different types of damage. The actual fire causes damage by burning up anything that comes in its path. Fire causes smoke which also causes damage and potential health problems. Smoke is a big problem once the fire has been put out. Soot also causes damage to the property and belongings. Once firefighters have left the premises, you will also have water damage. This makes a fire one of the most destructive things that can happen to a property. Each type of damage needs specialists to remove, clean and repair.

What causes fire damage?

Fire damage can be caused by cooking equipment, electrical equipment, candles, open fires, faulty wiring, flammable liquids, and careless smoking. A cigarette butt that wasn’t put out entirely or a candle that was left on or got tipped over are some of the main causes of house fires. Cooking equipment like stoves and microwaves that are faulty or used incorrectly also cause fires.

How to prevent it?

Any form of liquid that is flammable must be handled with care. Keep candles and other open flames away from fabric, wood, and any other materials that burn easily. Make sure to put out any cigarettes, flames, candles, etc. before leaving them. Ensure that all cooking equipment is functional and not damaged in any way. Use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that all electrical equipment is not faulty and that electrical cords are not frayed or otherwise damaged.

Fire damage services

3D2 Know offers all the fire and related damage services you may need. Their services include:

  • Contents inventory – Determining which belongings are intact and which are damaged without the option of repair.
  • Water extraction and drying – Removing any water left after fire extinguishing and drying the property where needed.
  • Smoke and soot removal – Removing smoke and soot from the interior and exterior.
  • Cleaning and repair – To start repairs, the affected area needs to be cleaned. Repairs are done once the full extent of damage has been determined and the team knows which areas and objects can and must be repaired.
  • Restoration – Once everything else is taken care off and removed, 3D2 Know restores walls, ceilings, floors, etc.